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O'Dwyer School of Irish Dance

'Step Into Fall' Feis

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Shriners Auditorium
99 Fordham Road
Wilmington, MA 01887

Please join us for our 5th annual 'Step Into Fall' Feis!

Sunday, October 15 2023

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Notes on Schedule

Comb. (combined) indicates that competitions have been combined

Girls & Boys competitions have been combined for ALL grade levels unless otherwise noted

*OPEN Boys & Men will compete with same age group of Girls / Ladies: with regards to double age groups of boys unless otherwise noted: they should follow the competition with same year of birth when applicable: (i.e as is listed with (DOB) notation)

Concurrent indicates that competitions will run together, but not be combined for scoring purposes

Grades will complete all dances in the scheduled time slot in this order: R,SJ, LtJ, TJ, HP, TSET

Please note that in some Novice and PW competitions 2 groups will run concurrent for light shoes, followed by heavy shoes to allow time for shoe change

All dancers must be ready to dance 30 minutes prior to posted start time as competitions may start ahead of posted times.

Open Dancers will begin with the Light Shoe round…(Save the tape!)

Prelim dancers will begin with Heavy Shoe round

As noted in the syllabus:
All Dancers in Pre-Beginner will dance one step, one at a time: Dancers in Beginner will dance 2 steps, 2 at a time;

All dancers in all other grade levels will dance 2 steps, 3 at a time;

All dancers in Prelim & Open up to and including U14 will dance the Heavy shoe round 3 at a time: All Championship Light shoe round will be danced 2 at a time


Edward Murphy, NY

Ailis O'Dowda, UK

Breda O'Brien, MA

Sheila Reilly, MA

Sharon Whelan McSweeney, CA

More TBD

Kerry Broderick, NY

Kathleen Boutin, MA

Katie Dean, CA

Fauna Gille, MN

Brenda Girous, MA

Sean Hennigan, UK

Nora McHugh, CT

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